Coming to Bruges 4-6th November: some essential things to see and do

The Gallivanting Around team will be heading to Bruges this weekend 4-6th November 2011 and have put together a preview featuring a few essential things that we plan to see and do.

Located in Northern Belgium, Bruges is a cosmopolitan city that is quite compact but wonderfully preserved making it a charming holiday destination for those who want to see the postcard perfect pictures of Belgium in real life.

While in town make sure to soak up some of the historical culture with a stop at the Groeninge Museum which features works by local painters and plenty of other great artifacts. Those who enjoy sightseeing will also want to stop by the nearby Basilica of the Holy Blood which is a Gothic church located on Burg square and is free to tour.

Of course, a trip to Bruges is not complete without appreciating its local handcrafted beers which is why a tour through the Brewery De Halve Mann is in order. Here you can see how Belgian beer is actually created and sample some of the local beers at the inside bar or outside on the terrace if you prefer.

One of the most essential tourist attractions are the tour boats that run along the canals and offer a great view of the city and its history in just an hour. From the boat tour you also get to see many locations that are not reachable in any other format making it worth the seven euros it cost for the trip.

Shoppers will want to head towards the Burg square and make sure to check out the local arts and crafts that are available all over the place, and of course at some point also pop into one of the local boutiques or the supermarket to purchase some fine Belgian chocolate.

Look forward to exploring the city further. Let us know if you have any of your own tips!

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