Traditional Good Value Holidays

This year, the buzz words of the tourism and travel industry have been ‘bargain’, ‘cut price’ and ‘heavily reduced.’ With everyone suffering the effects of the continuing economic recession, we are all on the look out for the cheapest possible getaways, anxious to find new methods of cutting corners and making savings.

One word that does seem to have disappeared from the travel agent lexicon is ‘value.’ Whilst the importance of travelling within budget is not to be underestimated we are starting to lose focus on what a good holiday is supposed to be about. Vacation time is precious because it allows us to relax and unwind, letting go of all causes of tension and stress related to work or home life. It is about spending quality time with the people that matter to you most, whether they are your children, your partner, your parents and siblings or your closest friends.

With this in mind, it is easy to see how the humble domestic holiday has returned to vogue in recent months. You don’t necessarily need a change of climate to feel like you’re a million miles from the office. A change of county could be enough. Take the classic caravan holiday, for example. Cheap caravan holidays are easily available through national organisations such as Park Resorts and provide a range of fun-filled entertainment for all the family – including long countryside rambles, vast family pools with flumes and waves and live evening shows. It may not be glamorous but it sure will be fun and you can bet that you won’t be thinking about your inbox whilst bombing through a green plastic tube at 30mph.

A good value holiday needs to provide you with enough respite, relaxation and reinvigoration for you to return to daily life feeling refreshed and restored. Whlst there are plenty of great value holidays out there to choose from, they are not always the ones in far flung destinations with the cut price flights and bargain accommodation. They might be closer to hand than you first thought. Value doesn’t necessarily mean getting the most luxury or the most sought after destination for a bargain price. It means getting what you want from what you’ve paid for.

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