The Hot List: Most Exciting Train Journeys in Europe

Why travel Europe by bus, car or plane when you can look into epic winter train holidays across the continent? The benefits? Traveling overland allows you to see the visually stunning sights of the countryside while engaging in old world activities like bunking in your own sleeper car or visiting the train dining car. Maybe you’ll follow in a legend’s wake and write The Next Great Novel while on the rails. If not, at least you’ll have had an amazing trip to write home about! Here’s our hot list of Europe’s most exciting train journeys:

Super Classic: The Orient Express

No European train trip has inspired more superstars, legends, aristocrats, royals and other lucky folk than this behemoth of the rails. Hop on this legendary train and you’ll hit such classic cities as Rome, Paris, Istanbul, Venice, Vienna, Budapest and Prague.

For a Quick Getaway: London to Paris or London to Berlin

If you’re in the mood for a simple weekend getaway, why not hop from London to Paris/Berlin or vice versa? Rail king Eurostar offers a reasonably affordable first class option that will add a bit of luxury class to your weekend sojourn.

Hip Destination: Monte Carlo

Got a taste for backgammon, beaches and casinos? Then Monte Carlo should top your list of destinations. Whether you’re traveling from Paris, London or some other origin on the continent you can easily reach this destination. All the major rail companies offer a Monte Carlo option, but the Eurostar and Train Bleu connection is the most frequently traveled.

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